Growth and Acquisition Strategies

Ascent is an experienced strategic advisor in achieving value-added growth, both organic growth through internal initiatives and acquired growth through selective acquisitions.

Ascent can lead or assist in developing and validating growth strategies. When determining internal or organic growth potential, we evaluate past performance and current trends within the company, benchmark the performance of competitors and their strategies, and fully research the overall market and attractive segments.
When growth by acquisition is attractive, we apply a systematic approach to acquisition management that is proven to build value.

Ascent defines clear, objective acquisition criteria that incorporate management's strategy, operations, "integratability" and financial performance considerations; and only then do we source and evaluate candidates. By applying these criteria in a meaningful way to alternative acquisition candidates, we "market test" and enable management to fine-tune the criteria quickly, ensuring they are realistic and practical.

We then conduct broad-based and in-depth acquisition research. Ascent conducts a thorough review of target industries, markets and competitors utilizing Ascent's extensive research capabilities. This process may include interviews of key industry executives, associations, journals and consultants as well as proprietary databases, business information services other sources. We also leverage Ascent's extensive additional contacts and referral network. The pool of candidate companies is continually refined.

Ascent contacts a prospective acquisition's principals only - directly and discreetly. Only senior partners make these initial contacts. We build a relationship of trust and confidence with them from the beginning.

After an initial information request, Ascent conducts a thorough evaluation - including complete financial modeling and assessment of all acquisition criteria. Any specific concerns of our Client's or the Seller are addressed. An offer, if appropriate, is made and negotiated. Our Clients benefit from Ascent's realistic and practical perspective, professional qualifications and operating experience, and our extensive negotiating and closing track record.

Identifying candidate companies is an ongoing process of refining and prioritizing. -We contact selected targets, evaluate acquisition fit and interest, determine potential offers, and negotiate the best acquisitions. Throughout this process we team with Management to create maximum leverage for them.

Ascent's approach gives management tremendous leverage in the quality, pace, focus, and credibility of a growth-by-acquisition strategy. The Ascent team strives to be an extension of the management team and to provide maximum leverage through:

  • In-depth understanding of the strategy, objectives, and issues.
  • Consistent and thorough company evaluations that address management, capital partner, and seller needs and issues.
  • Multiple acquisition opportunities - and the ability to select the best.
  • Breadth, pace, and credibility in the market.
  • Comprehensive, disciplined approach - guided by management.

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